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About Aleks

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Surfing is my church. Ever since I was a kid I used surfing as a way to connect with myself. Bobbing up and down in the glassy morning surf always gave me a peace that I carried with me throughout the day. Catching a twenty second left pulsated a deep satisfaction to my heart. There really is nothing like holding nature's hand and working together to fulfill that satisfaction. 


I've struggled being an openly gay man out in the water. Whether people are okay with it or not it, I always felt safer just keeping my identity private. Unfortunately, like sexuality, surfing has mostly stayed in the past. At times, surfers can give off the impression that they are part of an exclusive community. From the outside, it appears that only skilled experts belong on the board, and those who do not fit in due to factors as diverse as skill level, personality, gender, race, or sexual orientation should watch from the sand. It scares me to have something that I love so much be ruined by people who brand any personal identity as wrong, or who impose a barrier to entry that turns interested surfers away before they even give surfing a shot. 

The idea for Lipsmack was born because I was passionate about bringing these diverse communities together. I wanted to create a safe space on the ocean where everybody could be themselves. Whether you are gay, straight, trans, gender fluid, a-gender, bigender, intersex, or gender variant you should be able to enjoy your time in the water. The ocean is for everybody. 


Please come and help me build this community. Bring a date (or join solo) and smack that lip! 

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