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Our Testimonials

check out what Lipsmackers have to say about their time on the waves


"In times like these, we've all had to adapt and adjust to stay healthy, happy, and also keep surviving financially....ESPECIALLY performers. My dear friend Aleks is the most humble, patient, talented, and kindest person I know...and also a Broadway actor to boot! 

Originally from Oahu, Aleks is an AMAZING teacher, has safe practices in and out of the water for these Covid times, and is so supportive and confident. 

Not only did I get up and catch a wave each time...I even caught a few waves all on my own on my very first day out. 

If you're in LA and need a safe activity and mood booster, take a lesson with him. You won't regret it!!!" 

- Elizabeth Frances

- Sam Cahn


"I fell in love with the ocean again.

I was hesitant to learn how to surf, but it was something I wanted to mark off my bucket list. After arriving, Aleks taught me form and technique on the sand. In the ocean, Aleks was by my side guiding me the entire lesson. I couldn’t have felt more safe.


Shockingly, I rode my first wave within the first 15 minutes! I booked my second lesson 3 days later and brought a friend. We haven’t had that much fun in years!! Aleks is a superb teacher"

- Betsy Struxness


"Surfing with Aleks is wonderful.  He is a patient and caring teacher who understands how nerve-racking it can be to learn to surf.  His positive and encouraging attitude helps bolster confidence and keeps you coming back for more. 


Aleks celebrates every milestone with you, from the first time you stand up to all the times you catch a wave into shore.  You will leave with a huge smile on your face and lightness in your soul that is entirely facilitated by Aleks.  Treat yourself to a lesson with him."

- Brandon Leffler


"As a first time surfer, I was extremely nervous to say the least. Aleks was so patient with me and took the time to make sure I was confident in everything I needed to do on the board before we even got in the water."


"I grew up snowboarding and before surfing with Aleks I had only been one other time while on vacation in Hawaii. I definitely underestimated the differences between snowboarding and surfing. Not only was Aleks very patient, he was extremely knowledgeable and could see what tweaks needed to be made for me to catch a wave. While waiting for waves Aleks educated me on the rules and guidelines of surfing and made sure I felt safe and in control on the water. About 30 minutes after we started I finally caught my first wave and it was the most amazing feeling! I could hear Aleks cheering me on as I rode all the way into shore. I ended up catching a few more waves in our session and left the day feeling very accomplished. I can't wait to get back out on the water with Aleks and catch some more waves!! "

- Keir Kirkegaard


"My very first time surfing was with Lipsmack, in Malibu. As someone who works in finance and isn't the most athletic, I'm so grateful that Aleks was there to coach me through the process. Surfing always seemed so intimidating, but Aleks made the learning experience feel safe, welcoming, supportive, and immensely enjoyable. 


Even while learning, I was convinced it would take weeks to catch a wave. I was shocked that, in our first session, Aleks was able to coach me enough to ride one out all the way to the beach. The feeling is indescribable. It is exhilarating to let yourself go, balance on the board, and glide out by the push of the water. Definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime."

- Dan Bennett

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